drp title

Technology plays such a important part in the day to day running of our organization that it is easy to overlook the importance of having procedures in place when things go wrong.

Consider these scenarios

1. A tornado destroys the building your office is in.
2. You arrive in your office on Monday morning to find that the sprinklers have gone off flooding all your computers.
3. A gas leak in a neighboring building means you cannot access your office for several days.

Do you have plans in the place for these scenarios?

One of the more important things you can do as a executive director or business owner is to have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). One important aspect of the DRP is to have documentation for your computer systems.

Some examples of what to collect will include the following:

  • Inventory of computers and other devices like printers and scanners.
  • Warranty and service information for your hardware.
  • Usernames/passwords for online services. This includes your website hosting and your domain registrar
  • Contact information for any hardware/software vendors.
  • Banking and Payroll information.

Once you have an understanding of your systems it will help you to prepare a recovery plan for these sort of scenarios.

When you have this list complete, it, as well of the rest of your disaster recovery plan needs to be stored away from your office. These days an electronic version can be kept in either cloud storage or even on a USB key that is taken offsite. There is not much good having the only copy of the DRP plan in the office when it burns down.

Also keep in mind the DRP is a living document, updating it should be part of the process whenever a change to hardware, software or services occur.

Collecting this information can seem very time consuming, but like other aspects of disaster recovery, it will be worth having it easily available when disaster strikes.  Think to yourself how much it would cost to get your business going again if you don’t have a plan in place.  Just like insurance, DRP planning is a investment you hope you never have to cash in on, but if you do it’s a bargain.

Having a DRP plan in place allows for you and your organization to focus on what you need to do, but confident if disaster does strike you can can continue.  One of my services is helping you create and maintain a DRP plan for your business or non-profit. Contact me for more details.