5 Reasons To Wait Before Upgrading To

This week Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest and according to Microsoft the last version of its flagship product. In a departure from previous releases of Windows, Microsoft is making this upgrade free to existing users of Windows 7 and 8. The upgrade offer is good for 1 year.

Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s OS X book in offering the new operating system for free. They have realized that by offering the operating system (OS) for free it will get more users to switch to it. By having most of your user base on the latest version of your operating system it’s much easer to support them.

The question many people are asking now is “when do I upgrade?” While it may be tempting to upgrade on launch day, I always advise waiting a few weeks. Here are 5 reasons why you should wait.

1. Getting the upgrade in the first week may be difficult.

The upgrade is being delivered via digital download, this means Microsoft’s servers and network will be under increased load as early adopters want to get the latest version.

2. There may still be some bugs.

Even though Windows 10 has gone through a very large beta test, there is always a chance that there still will be some bugs that have to be dealt with. There have already been some reports that users with Nvidia video cards have been having some issues. Based on personal experience I have issues when upgrading to Window 8 with some legacy games. We may see the same thing with Windows 10

3. There really is not a killer app that makes it worth upgrading right now.

There are some new programs, in particular Microsoft’s new web browser called Edge, designed to replace Internet Explorer. Alas IE is still there, mainly to provide compatibility with some corporate applications (which should have been upgraded a while ago).

There is also a Siri like digital assistant feature called Cortana, but in my humble opinion it should not be the only reason you are upgrading in the first weeks.

4. Windows 10 may have a new look but most times you are spending time in apps.

As Google and Apple have demonstrated, it’s less about the operating system and more about the apps. Applications either via a subscription model or one time purchase is where the money is now. It has turned into the razor blade model more and more.

5. Your existing hardware runs fine.

If your computer is several years old and you are planning a new computer soon, it will come with Windows 10. If you are a Windows 8 user and hate the lack of a proper start menu, then there is free software that can bring that back for you, without having to upgrade to Windows 10.

As well if you have an older printer or scanner there may not be drivers available for it on launch day.

In conclusion.

You have a year to upgrade for free which gives you plenty of time to make a decision.  I have done a Windows 10 upgrade to a test laptop with no problems, but I will be taking my own advice and waiting a few weeks for my main Windows computer.