Training and Productivity Consulting

My goal in starting SClark Consulting is helping people with their technology and productivity needs. I have over 25 years of experience in many different areas of IT, including training, infrastructure, hardware, and software.  I have helped individuals, small business, and nonprofits get more out of their technology investment.

People want someone who takes the time to talk to them about what their needs and goals are and how technology can help achieve them. They also want this information in a way they understand. With myself, you get someone who will work with you to meet these goals.

You may hire someone to do just your taxes in an afternoon or you can hire a financial planner to help in the longer term. Thinking in the long term is always the best investment.

I write and speak about ways to leverage technology to help make your life and business better. I have co-hosted podcasts like The Canadian Tech Podcast and have been in traditional media like newspaper, radio, and television.

You can reach me at or (519)933-8493 to discuss how I can help you.