Still Not Backing Up-

There was a news item last week about multiple lightning strikes that affected a Google data centre in Belgium. Because of the multiple hits to the power grids, there was a very small fraction of data that was lost from some virtual machines that were running at that data centers.

Although the loss was minor and there was a better way to protect this data, this incident reminds us of the fact that data should be in more than one place.

The 3-2-1 model is something that backup professionals remind people. To review:

3 copies.
2 different locations.
1 of them off site.

For example

1 copy on your computer
1 copy on a removable drive
1 copy in the cloud via a backup service like Spideroak or Carbonite.

I still hear from friends of mine that either they or people they know are not backing up their photos and other data. This is just a tragedy waiting to happen. For a relatively low cost I can help advise you on a backup solution to protect those priceless files. Drive recovery services (if the drive has not been stolen) can run into thousands of dollars. You can have a fully functional and working backup system for much less.

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