Podcast Ep. 05 – Domain Name Scam and how to avoid it.

Welcome to The SClark Consulting Show This is the podcast to help you achieve more productivity for your personal and professional life through technology and a little bit of common sense. Today on Episode 5 of the podcast I am going to talk about a common domain name scam and how you can avoid it. I wrote about this several years ago but the scam is still making the rounds. I received a letter in…
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E-guide for backing up your phone’s photos.

I have written an e-guide on how to use Google Photos to backup the photos on your smartphone or tablet. This basic and easy to follow guide takes you through the steps necessary to setup Google Photos to backup your device. Once complete you will have a backup of your device photos to the cloud and optionally to your local computer. I wrote the guide after constantly hearing about people losing photos when their device…
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