Backing up your smartphone photos to your computer and the cloud using Google

Most people use the camera on their smartphone over traditional cameras these days to record their memories. One thing that is overlooked is backing up these photos off the phone. With a traditional digital camera, you had to import the photos into your computer, where there was a greater chance that these would get backed up. With smartphones, these photos are shared to Facebook and Instagram but after that, they tend to stay on the…
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2 Factor Authentication

News of a another data breach seems to be in the news every week. Security is more and more important in our always-connected world. One thing you can do to help increase your own security is the use of 2 factor authentication. 2 factor authentication is a technique where more then a password is required to access a service. An example of 2 factor authentication in the analog world would be when you use your…
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2015 Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to fill out my 2015 survey. Here are some of the results of the questions you answered. 1. What do you find useful that I write about? There was a almost three way tie with the following topics. Backup,Technology and Mac 2. What do you want me to write more about. Technology News followed by Backup and Mac. 3. Would you be interested in the following…
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Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Technology plays such a important part in the day to day running of our organization that it is easy to overlook the importance of having procedures in place when things go wrong. Consider these scenarios 1. A tornado destroys the building your office is in. 2. You arrive in your office on Monday morning to find that the sprinklers have gone off flooding all your computers. 3. A gas leak in a neighboring building means you…
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