Podcast Ep. 06 – File Sync Services vs Backup Services

Today on Episode 6 of the podcast I am going to talk about File Sync Services vs Backup Services. There are many cloud-based services now offering to store your files in the cloud. Some are file sync services, and some are cloud-based. What is the difference and why is it important that you know the differences. Some examples of file sync services include Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. These services allow you to store your…
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Computer Backup Awareness in 2018: Getting Better and Getting Worse

  From my preferred online backup company, Backblaze posts a good ‘state of backup awareness’. The percentage of computer owners backing up all the data on their computer has steadily increased over the years, from 65% in 2008 to 76% in 2018. That’s awesome, but at the other end of the time spectrum it’s not so pretty. The percentage of computer owners backing up once a day or more often is 6% in 2018. That’s…
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E-guide for backing up your phone’s photos.

I have written an e-guide on how to use Google Photos to backup the photos on your smartphone or tablet. This basic and easy to follow guide takes you through the steps necessary to setup Google Photos to backup your device. Once complete you will have a backup of your device photos to the cloud and optionally to your local computer. I wrote the guide after constantly hearing about people losing photos when their device…
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