Time to upgrade Internet Explorer

Last year Microsoft gave notice that as of January 12th, 2016 older versions of its browser Internet Explorer (IE) would no longer be supported. What this means that there will be no more updates including ones that close security vulnerabilities that are found. Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of IE depending on what Microsoft operating system you are running. For most people this will be version 11. For those running one of Microsoft’s…
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5 Reasons To Wait Before Upgrading To Windows 10

This week Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest and according to Microsoft the last version of its flagship product. In a departure from previous releases of Windows, Microsoft is making this upgrade free to existing users of Windows 7 and 8. The upgrade offer is good for 1 year. Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s OS X book in offering the new operating system for free. They have realized that by offering the operating…
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Review How You Do Things.

One of the programs I use quite a bit is Tweetdeck, a very good Twitter client. Recently while at the UnLab, I noticed someone use Tweetdeck and every time a tweet came in concerning the UnLab, Tweetdeck on their laptop would beep.  I had forgotten that Tweetdeck has a notify option. When I first installed the software the default option beeps and displays a notify message for every tweet that came in. I found this…
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