Time to upgrade Internet Explorer

Last year Microsoft gave notice that as of January 12th, 2016 older versions of its browser Internet Explorer (IE) would no longer be supported. What this means that there will be no more updates including ones that close security vulnerabilities that are found. Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of IE depending on what Microsoft operating system you are running. For most people this will be version 11. For those running one of Microsoft’s…
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5 Reasons To Wait Before Upgrading To Windows 10

This week Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest and according to Microsoft the last version of its flagship product. In a departure from previous releases of Windows, Microsoft is making this upgrade free to existing users of Windows 7 and 8. The upgrade offer is good for 1 year. Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s OS X book in offering the new operating system for free. They have realized that by offering the operating…
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Checklists in Evernote

Checklists provide a way to bring order to a confusing collection of tasks we may have. There are many different todo list managers available, but many people prefer to try and keep these lists in the same system as they collect their data. Evernote is a frequently used system and with the addition of the checklist feature many people are now using it for their lists. From Evernote’s own instructions here is how to create…
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Restore Media for your Windows PC

You’ve just received your nice shiny new Windows PC, but before you do much more with it there is one very important step that needs to be done. That step is to create restore media for your Windows PC. Restore media is used to restore your computer's operating system in the event of problem. While many computers now come with a restore partition on the hard drive, this is useless if the hard drive itself experiences a failure. Years ago you would get a…
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