Time to upgrade Internet Explorer1 (1)

Last year Microsoft gave notice that as of January 12th, 2016 older versions of its browser Internet Explorer (IE) would no longer be supported. What this means that there will be no more updates including ones that close security vulnerabilities that are found.

Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of IE depending on what Microsoft operating system you are running. For most people this will be version 11. For those running one of Microsoft’s server offerings, it will be slightly different.  A complete list of what the latest version to be supported by OS is available.

Other options include moving to Microsoft’s new browser called Edge the comes with Windows 10, but as it is still a very new product there are not a lot of plugins or add-ons to it yet. Other options which I heavily recommend is moving to Google’s Chrome Browser or Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Some users, particularly in larger companies, may have in-house apps that were written for earlier versions of IE and may not run under newer versions. In IE 11 there is an Enterprise Mode which allows for backwards compatibility.