checklists in evernote

Checklists provide a way to bring order to a confusing collection of tasks we may have.

There are many different todo list managers available, but many people prefer to try and keep these lists in the same system as they collect their data. Evernote is a frequently used system and with the addition of the checklist feature many people are now using it for their lists.

From Evernote’s own instructions here is how to create a checklist.

Create a checklist
Evernote for Mac, Windows desktop, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:

  1. Start editing your note.
  2. Click or tap the ‘Insert checkbox’ button in the formatting bar, to add a checkbox.


  1. In the note editor, swipe the bar above the keyboard to display formatting options.
  2. Select the checkbox icon.

Power tip: On Evernote for Mac and Windows desktop, you can turn a list of items into a checklist. Simply highlight the list, then select the checkbox icon. Hitting Enter will add another checkbox to an existing list.

Do you use Evernote for checklists or do you use something else? Leave a comment and let us know.