The SClark Consulting Podcast Ep. 01 – 7 productivity tips for email

Welcome to The SClark Consulting Show This is the podcast to help you achieve more productivity for your personal and professional life through technology and a little bit of common sense. Subscribe - iTunes | ****** Today on Episode 1 of the podcast I am going to give a quick introduction of myself and what this podcast will be about as well. Feedback is always welcome at I wrote a blog entry in late 2015 about…
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Password advice for 2017

I’ve written several posts over the past few years on passwords. In particularly my post on password strategy remains just as relevant now as when I wrote it several years ago. the National Institute of Standards and Technology recently updated its guidelines on creating secure passwords and it made some fairly significant changes. The main change was to remind user on the importance of password length and less on included special characters etc. From an…
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7 Ways to be more productive with email

Despite the fact that many people still continue to predict it’s death. Email is still going to be around for a while. Managing our email instead of it managing us is an important step to help you be more productive. There are many different ways to be more productive and manage your email. These are some of the best ones I have seen and used. 1. Schedule certain times of the day for email. First…
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Six things to help you have a more productive day.

How many times have you woken up after a good night's sleep ready to take on the day? “This is going to be a productive day!” you say to yourself. However on the way to work you realize you’ve forgotten an important file on the kitchen counter. You get to work and realize you have a department meeting first thing this morning which you have not read the agenda on. In no time your positive…
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