six things

How many times have you woken up after a good night’s sleep ready to take on the day? “This is going to be a productive day!” you say to yourself.

However on the way to work you realize you’ve forgotten an important file on the kitchen counter. You get to work and realize you have a department meeting first thing this morning which you have not read the agenda on.

In no time your positive thoughts on the day change completely as you go into reactive mode.

You can be better prepared for the day by following these tips either the night before or first thing in the morning.

1. What fixed tasks are on your calendar today?
When you did your last review you would have put fixed tasks on your calendar. These were fixed tasks that could not be moved.


2. What are the three “To-Do” tasks on your list you plan to get done today?
As I have written about before, writing down your 3 most important tasks can greatly help you plan your time to be more productive.


3. Out of those tasks, what is the most important?
This is the task that you should probably tackle first thing and get it out of the way while your energy levels are strong. There is also a great feeling of satisfaction when you get this task done earlier in the day.


4. What do you have that can be delegated?
Is there a task that you really should not be doing and can be delegated to someone who can do it better and quicker? Now is the time to get those off your list.


5. What materials do you need to get your tasks done today?
For example, if you have a meeting, you may need to review and bring the agenda with you. If doing a presentation you may need to bring copies of the slides you are using.


6. Have you taken time to work on your larger goals?
One of the first things to get sidelined are tasks for your larger goals. This is easy to do when you are struggling with the day to day tasks. However, it is really important to make time for these tasks that will lead you to your larger goals.


These tips may not prevent some unplanned things that life throws your way but it will help you feel in more control of your day and ultimately more productive.

Feel free to add any tips that help you in the comments.