7 Ways To Defeat Procrastination Today

Procrastination is something we all experience from time to time. How to defeat procrastination can be challenging. If left unchecked procrastination can be very damaging to your mental and physical health.

Steps to deal with it.

1. Just get up and do something. Much like when trying to push a heavy cart the hardest part is the initial push. Most tasks will have an initial hump that once you are over then things will seem much easier. Quite often once I have started something I am amazed in how much time has passed and how much progress I have done when I stop.

2. Have a system in place so you know what needs doing. Getting Things Done (GTD) is the system I use so I know what needs to be done, most importantly I get tasks to be done out of my head so I can focus on the task at hand. Even something as simple as a “What three things should I do today” list will be helpful in focusing on what you want to do.

3. Get enough rest. This is something I still need to improve on. Having enough sleep at night will result in more energy and lessen the chances of using the excuse of being too tired to do anything. However sometimes a short nap can do wonders for your energy level. Just know where the line is, too much nap time can throw off your natural sleep rhythms.

4. Break down larger projects into small tasks. One of the key tenants of GTD is “What is the next action to move this project forward?” Projects that seem very large are much more manageable when broken down into smaller tasks.

5. Avoid distractions. This is another one people have challenges with. Modern technology provides us with a way of always being connected. Whether it is e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, blogs or others. They all can be distracting when we need to get a task done. Close the browser tabs you don’t need, turn off email and social media notifications and you will find that your productivity will improve.

6. Use a timer. Many people find that setting a timer to work for 25 minutes, and then taking a 5 minute break can be productive. You have to be focused to make sure that 5 minute break does not get longer!

7. Identify other sources of your procrastination. Stress and depression can play a huge part in procrastination. If left untreated this can result in a spiral of self doubt and further procrastination. It may be worth to have a talk with a professional about ways to help you deal with these issues.

To finish things up here is a challenge for you. While reading this you probably have thought of at least one task that you want to do. Give yourself 10 minutes right now and start on that task. After 10 minutes if you want to stop, that’s fine but now you will have a feeling of accomplishment that will hopefully get you to work on that task again.

And if you wonder if all of this truly works then here is a secret. I started this blog post as my 10 minute task. Seems to have worked out. 🙂