Six things to help you have a more productive day.

How many times have you woken up after a good night's sleep ready to take on the day. “This is going to be a productive day!” you say to yourself. However on the way to work you realize you’ve forgotten a important file on the kitchen counter. You get to work and realize you have a department meeting first thing this morning which you have not read the agenda on. In no time your positive…
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Reader’s Survey

One of my goals is to provide you with content that is useful to you. To help me with that I need your opinion on the website and things I write about. I have a short survey which will take less then five minutes to complete. The results are anonymous. I can’t tell who answered the questions. Please consider taking the time to fill it out so I can provide more content that is of interest to…
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Still Not Backing Up?

There was a news item last week about multiple lightning strikes that affected a Google data centre in Belgium. Because of the multiple hits to the power grids, there was a very small fraction of data that was lost from some virtual machines that were running at that data centers. Although the loss was minor and there was a better way to protect this data, this incident reminds us of the fact that data should…
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Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Technology plays such a important part in the day to day running of our organization that it is easy to overlook the importance of having procedures in place when things go wrong. Consider these scenarios 1. A tornado destroys the building your office is in. 2. You arrive in your office on Monday morning to find that the sprinklers have gone off flooding all your computers. 3. A gas leak in a neighboring building means you…
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