Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting

Coming up with a backup system can be a confusing affair. Terms such as onsite, offsite, RAID etc. You have more important things to worry about, so setting up a backup system always seems to get moved to the “I’ll do it next week” list.

Then one day, you turn on your computer and find the words ‘hard drive failure’ greeting you on the screen. At the same time, your business partner comes in and needs to access the latest proposal for a  very important client. Unfortunately, you realize that the only copy of the proposal was stored on the hard drive that has just died…

A backup system will be different for everyone. There are standards that can be followed, but it is the smaller details that can make the system easy for the computer owner to use. If a backup system creates ‘friction” in use, it then it is less likely that you will use it. A system should be as automated as possible, but still allow the computer owner to be confident in the fact that their data is being backed up in the event of equipment failure or another disaster.

Considering the importance of your data, spending the time and money results in excellent insurance and peace of mind to ensure your data will be safe.

System Consulting

As a business owner, keeping clients happy is your most important task.
With recent innovations and the rise of cloud services, there are technologies that can help you and your company become more productive while reducing your IT costs. IT is becoming more of a service-based model and I can help you leverage your existing and future investments to achieve your goals.

Productivity Consulting.

Being productive and “keeping up” in today’s hyper-connected world can be a very daunting challenge.  In the age of email, texts. voicemail and social media all clamoring for our attention, where does one find the time to get the ‘real’ work done?  By leveraging technology as well as productivities techniques developed over years by masters in the productivity space, I can help you become more efficient in dealing with all the demands for your attention so you can focus on what you need to do.  Getting to inbox zero is possible.


Whether it is for a particular application or just a number of more general questions. I can help you get the most out of your systems. The small investment you make in training will more than pay itself back in increased productivity. I have been described as a technology ‘translator ‘; meaning I have a way of explaining technical concepts and strategies to a non-technical audience.

Training can be done in the comfort of your home or office or we can do it remotely. For the remote option, it is best if you have Skype and I will send you a link to a software program that is run to let me see your computer screen. After we are finished the program automatically removes itself from your computer. In this way, you can show me exactly what the issues are. This is the same technology I use for remote support calls.


Hardware and Software issues

For issues such as hardware and software problems, I have a network of trusted specialists who can assist in getting these problems solved.


You are busy enough doing the things you know best; that is running your business. Having someone else come in to advise you on other things is a much better use of your time than trying to learn it all yourself. Just like hiring an accountant for your taxes, hiring a tech consultant will free up hours of time that you have to spend researching the latest trends.

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