Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Technology plays such a important part in the day to day running of our organization that it is easy to overlook the importance of having procedures in place when things go wrong. Consider these scenarios 1. A tornado destroys the building your office is in. 2. You arrive in your office on Monday morning to find that the sprinklers have gone off flooding all your computers. 3. A gas leak in a neighboring building means you…
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5 Reasons To Wait Before Upgrading To Windows 10

This week Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest and according to Microsoft the last version of its flagship product. In a departure from previous releases of Windows, Microsoft is making this upgrade free to existing users of Windows 7 and 8. The upgrade offer is good for 1 year. Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s OS X book in offering the new operating system for free. They have realized that by offering the operating…
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iDNS ‘Scam’

I received a letter in the mail from iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) today. Inside was a "Domain Name Expiration Notice" for one of my domains. It purposely looks like an invoice and has vague wording to make you think it is a bill.  To avoid being called a scam, they say in the letter “This is not a bill”. IMHO this is a very deceptive way to get you to transfer your domain name…
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Getting Back to the GTD Basics e-book

Need a quick guide to get back into Getting Things Done (GTD)? Not sure where to start? I’ve collated my blog series on Getting Back into GTD and made it in to a e-guide.  Available as both a PDF and Kindle format, Getting Back to the GTD Basics is a short and easy to understand guide to help get your GTD system back into gear. You can get both version from the Store page or…
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