Thank you to all

Over the last 6 years, my consulting service has provided advice on solutions for various facets of IT and technology. The business was started when my full-time IT position was made redundant because of the company being acquired. In this time I have enjoyed some aspects of entrepreneurship as well as working with many amazing people and organizations. The one thing that was always an issue was health benefits for my family. Because of pre-existing…
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Backup and Disaster Recovery Tips e-book now available

Do you know someone who is still not backing up their data on their computer? Perhaps it’s yourself who still haven’t taken the time to set up a backup system. Do you need some reasons to backup and protect your data from a wide variety of data disasters? If so my new e-book Backup And Disaster Recovery Tips is now available. This 35 page guide features blog posts concerning backup and disaster recovery topics over…
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2015 Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to fill out my 2015 survey. Here are some of the results of the questions you answered. 1. What do you find useful that I write about? There was a almost three way tie with the following topics. Backup,Technology and Mac 2. What do you want me to write more about. Technology News followed by Backup and Mac. 3. Would you be interested in the following…
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Reader’s Survey

One of my goals is to provide you with content that is useful to you. To help me with that I need your opinion on the website and things I write about. I have a short survey which will take less then five minutes to complete. The results are anonymous. I can’t tell who answered the questions. Please consider taking the time to fill it out so I can provide more content that is of interest to…
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