Over the last 6 years, my consulting service has provided advice on solutions for various facets of IT and technology. The business was started when my full-time IT position was made redundant because of the company being acquired.

In this time I have enjoyed some aspects of entrepreneurship as well as working with many amazing people and organizations.

The one thing that was always an issue was health benefits for my family. Because of pre-existing medical conditions it is impossible to get health insurance to cover the high cost or prescription drugs. Working for a larger corporation gives me the safety net of being in a drug plan to control these expenses. Because of that I always was always looking for the right role back in a corporate environment.

I am pleased that I have found a full-time position with benefits in such a company. Because of that and the fact that I always focus on trying to give the very best service in whatever venture I am in, I will be putting SClark Consulting on hold effective immediately.

If you have an issue that needs resolving I can recommend Techdoz.ca an IT support firm who I have consulted with. Christen and his team are very capable people who can help you and your business IT needs.  I will still write on some technology topics over at my personal blog at stuartclark.ca as well will be continuing the podcast at canadiantechpodcast.ca.

I’d like to close out by thanking you all for your support over the years, it does mean quite alot. I’ll still be active in the community, particularly in my role on the London Public Library Board.

Many thanks